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Corporate Event Space

Organizing your next big corporate event in Kansas City?

Keep these top tips in mind.

Corporate events are arranged for a wide variety of reasons. This may range from investment opportunities to fundraisers, staff retreat to milestone commemorations. Your event’s success has many deciding factors and as a result, proper planning with a great corporate event space must go hand in hand.

While some businesses consider corporate events a squander of resources, time shows that events like these serve a diverse number of benefits ranging from improving employee morale, enticing investors and promoting teamwork and unity among your team.

Corporate Event Date and Reservations

Depending on the type of event you’re having, you want to pick a date that is convenient for you, the organizer and the attendees. If you are expecting a group of people that may have interest in a similar event scheduled close to yours, consider the impact on your attendance.

Next, evaluate the important factors on how your proposed dates work for those in your event. Speakers, the company itself, potential investors, special guests and the likes will all need to be accounted for. Now you can move to the next step, which is deciding on the perfect corporate event venue, and making reservations.

A Corporate Event Venue Serving All Themes

Picking a corporate event venue for your event is tough. When it comes to corporate events and business functions, there are a plethora of options. Luckily, The College Basketball Experience gives you one of the most flexible event venues in Kansas City. Hence, the CBE is a space that transforms to your liking, no matter your event. Most of all, we have the space to accommodate a large quantity of guests, and transform our space to fit your event.

Our state of the art facility boasts many great features:

• 3 giant presentation screens   • Display your video or watch the big game
• Customizable elevator greetings    • Programmable video screens throughout
• Dynamic sound system with wired & wireless microphone capabilities
• $1.5M lighting system for customizable looks    • Interactive basketball exhibits
• Access to the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame

The goal of your event should be kept in mind at all times. We want to hear you goals and how we can best serve you. The College Basketball Experience has serve a number of events from fundraisers and product launches, to political and high security events.

Located in downtown Kansas City right next to T-Mobile Center, The CBE will leave a strong impression on your guests as one of the most unique event spaces around. Our guest services are superb and will help to ensure your event goes exactly as planned. See our event space gallery for inspiration!

Parking Availability for Corporate Event Planning

When organizing your corporate event, it is important to ensure that every attendee can secure some spot for parking. While some guests may arrive by taxi, limo, or ride share, corporate events are the culprit behind heavy road traffic. Nothing can be more frustrating that driving for hours and still having to look for a decent space to park.

The College Basketball Experience is surrounded by multi-level parking lots, with a street level parking lot located right across the street. The distance to the CBE from any of these parking lots is only a 2 minute walk. Therefore, your guests should have no difficulty getting to your event hassle free.

We would also love to help you prepare for all aspects of your corporate event planning. The CBE hosts many events year after year, and we are very familiar with the corporate event planning process. Need assistance in corporate event planning or would like to get information on resources? Please reach out to us.


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