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Niagara University | 1951-1955
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Hubert Brown has contributed to the game of basketball for over 60 years as a coach, teacher, and broadcaster. He was assistant coach at William & Mary University in 1968, assistant coach at Duke University from 1969-72 and assistant coach of the Milwaukee Bucks from 1972-1974. From 1974-1976, he was head coach of the ABA's Kentucky Colonels. He won the ABA Championship with the Colonels in 1975. Brown is known and respected for fostering young talent, transforming struggling franchises into contenders, and educating players, coaches, and fans. He was twice named NBA Coach of the Year with the Atlanta Hawks and later the Memphis Grizzlies. Brown has been lead analyst for several television networks as well as the host of basketball clinics across the globe and was nominated for a Sports Emmy in 1994 and 1999.

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NBA Analyst for ABC