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University of Saint Thomas | 1947-1947
University of Minnesota | 1960-1968
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Kundla coached grade school and high school basketball before coaching the University of St. Thomas "Tommies" in 1946-47. The following season, at age of 31, Kundla left St. Thomas to coach the newly formed Minneapolis Lakers. Known for his even temper and sound judgment, Kundla led the Lakers to the NBL Championship in 1948 and the BAA Championship in 1949. He also coached the Lakers to NBA Championships in 1950 and 1952-1954, making him one of only three coaches in the history of professional basketball to lead teams to three consecutive NBA Championships. He returned to his alma mater University of Minnesota in 1959 and coached the Golden Gophers until 1968. He retired after the 1967-68 season with a collegiate record of 121 wins and 116 losses.