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Stanford University | 1931-1938
Springfield University | 1947-1956
Northern Colorado University | 1957-1963
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Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee 1964

John W. Bunn played for and assisted Hall of Famer Phog Allen at Kansas. Bunn coached Stanford to the 1937 Helms Foundation National Championship, led by Hall of Famer Hank Luisetti, and the 1942 NCAA Championship, led by Hall of Famer Jim Pollard. He also coached Springfield College (1946-56) and Colorado College (1958-63). Bunn helped initiate many rule changes, including elimination of the center jump following a field goal. For his tireless contributions to the game, the Basketball Hall of Fame annually presents an award in his name. As a coach, teacher, lecturer, and prolific writer, John Bunn was dubbed the American Ambassador of Basketball.

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Died August 13, 1979