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Stunning Reception Hall For Weddings

Explore the most dynamic wedding reception venue in Kansas City!

The National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame is equipped with outstanding features and is ready for your memorable wedding reception.

Located at the award-winning College Basketball Experience in downtown Kansas City, we’ve helped numerous wedding parties achieve a stunning occasion.

The CBE has everything you need for a highly successful wedding reception. Our professional and highly qualified event organizers offer the support you need for a one-of-a-kind celebration.

You’ll never forget the experience you’ll have hosting your event among the icons of college basketball. Call (816) 949-7514 or use our easy booking request form to start planning your event at the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.

Full-Access Reception Hall Features

  • Accommodate up to 1500 guests
  • In house equipment, tables, chairs, and staging.
  • 3 Giant Presentation Screens & 15 Flat Screen Monitors
  • State of the art, customizable lighting system
  • Dynamic sound system with wired & wireless microphone capabilities
  • Access to the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame & over 20 interactive exhibits
  • On-Site Catering with Levy Restaurants with No Minimums
  • Support from a professional event planning staff.

Tips for Planning Your Wedding In Kansas City

Here’s what to consider when planning your wedding reception or ceremony. If you have specific questions, please call us at (816) 949-7514.

wedding reception venue kansas city1. Budget for your reception and wedding venue

Consider the number of people who will be attending your wedding or reception party. Please budget accordingly for the event, setup, and support.

Our facility is priced at reasonable rates and the services are top notch.

Each of your guests are treated with great care, and your event’s every detail will be attended to. Remember your wedding day should be extraordinary, and stand out in a unique way.

Our experts work hard to make it memorable for many years to come. In addition, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have ahead of your occasion.


2. Choose the type of reception to havekansas city reception hall

Because everyone has their preferences, there are endless choices when it comes to your reception’s theme.

You may be among those who would love to have a cocktail party or a simple sit down meal. Others enjoy a simple cake cutting event with mingling and catching up.

Over the years we’ve seen dozens of diverse reception styles held in our Hall of Fame Reception space.

Our venue allows for versatility, and opens up the possibilities for your special day even down to the finer details.

Call us at (816) 949-7514 to learn how you can transform our venue and customize your experience.


dancing at wedding reception in kansas city3. The space available for dancing

Chances are people will want to dance at your reception! You can bring your playlist, hired DJ, or ask us to help you find a qualified disc jockey in Kansas City.

Your reception venue should have enough space to allow people to dance. You’ll have no problems at The CBE.

When the bride dances with her father the space is arranged accordingly. Furthermore, our event planning experts will set up the dance floor, and our audio-visual professionals will set a perfect tone for this moment.

As a result, you’ll create the atmosphere for a truly enchanting experience.


4. Select the photographywedding reception venue in kansas city for dancing

Since photography is crucial to remembering the story to tell for years to come, it’s necessary to choose a space with beautiful backgrounds and atmosphere.

A place where the bride and bridegroom can take photos in an elegant setting is ideal for your event.

Customize our wedding venue to decorate it the way you want. Also take advantage of our high end lighting system. Make the setting stand out in the photos taken as the wedding progresses.

Our venue is the most aesthetically dynamic and versatile in Kansas City, and we’d love to customize it to the theme for your wedding.

5. Choose the best food for the guests

Be sure to consider the dietary restrictions of your guests. If you have vegans and those who adhere to kosher standards, we make it easy for you to accommodate their needs.

wedding event space downtown kansas city

Our on-site catering from Levy Restaurants requires no minimums. You can create the perfect menu for all of your guests in attendance, therefore adding to the great experience you deliver to your guests.

If you have questions about catering or specific dining requirements for your event, please give us a call at (816) 949-7514.

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