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INTERACTIVE is what sets The College Basketball Experience apart from any other museum in the world. Don’t just come and see! Get off the bench and get completely immersed in the game! Explore all our interactive activities online & plan to visit The CBE soon!

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Inside the Gallery of Honor of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame, visitors pay homage to legendary coaches and players in a setting reflective of the reverence and respect they have earned. Greatness lives here. Visitors will select and view text and video to learn more about an inductee .


The Mentors’ Circle activity is a sculptural element that abstractly resembles a basketball net with a ball going through the hoop. It is a round, semi-enclosed area with a large opening for visitor entrance. Inside the Mentors’ Circle, one kiosk with a large screen allows visitors to view videos of prominent coaches paying homage to their Mentors.


Center Court is a full basketball court with six goals, a score board and shot clocks. The court is designated for free play unless otherwise indicated. Visitors can practice skills, shoot baskets or participate in a pick-up game or clinic. Center Court will host special events such as dinners, receptions, basketball related events or corporate events.

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Visitors try to make a game winning shot in a high-pressure situation, mirroring some of college basketballs greatest moments. Visitors hear hyped-up game audio, see images of great jump shots, and receive activity instructions. Randomly lit disks on the floor indicate the positions for the visitor to attempt their jump shots before the clock stops.


Visitors try to make as many baskets as possible in this challenging “pop-a-shot” activity within a set timeframe. Visitors can challenge each other to a side-by-side shooting contest. After pushing a start button to begin the shot clock and audio program, the visitor grabs a basketball and tries to sink as many shots as possible before time runs out.


Kids' Court allows children ages 2-9 to play basketball with equipment geared just for them. At Big Shot Ball, kids try to stuff a very oversized, lightweight basketball into an oversized, low hanging goal. At Nothing But Net, kids shoot basketballs, practice their ball-handling skills, dunk like the big guys, and play games using backboards positioned at low heights.


Visitors have a chance to role-play sports announcing, color commentary and post-game wrap up from a sports desk modeled after the ESPNU desk. Visitors watching the activity take place can also view the action on an overhead monitor above the sports desk.


Visitors hustle to make as many 3-point shots as possible from different positions around the arc before the clock runs out. Visitors realize how difficult it is to make 3-pointers, especially under pressure. Each time a basket is made, the score display adds three points.


Visitors face the pressure of a hostile arena while attempting to make as many consecutive free-throws as possible in a set amount of time. A larger-than-life screen displays video of rabid fans challenging the shot. The score display reveals how many free throws were made and the highest number of consecutive free throws made that day.


Visitors try to make different kinds of passes to score as many points as possible in a set amount of time. Two stations, side by side, enable visitors to compete in a passing challenge. Passes are made toward a graphic treated wall depicting players ready to catch the pass. Sensors indicate targets and record accuracy.


The Team Up activity is a 3-on-3 court that is a homage to the street game. It enables visitors to participate in a pick-up game. On this court, visitors can also play 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 games. At certain times of the year, visitors can attend programs and clinics at Team Up. School groups may gather at Team Up for discussions, clinics, and orientation.


Visitors slam-dunk a basketball with as many cool moves as they know. With six adjustable baskets at different heights, some visitors will be successful at dunking for the first time. Other visitors can show off their high-level dunking skills. Participants can start the clock and see how many dunks they can make within a set amount of time.


See if you've got handles like the pros! Follow a guided video challenge and see how you match up. Microsoft Kinect captures you in action as you rock the hardwood with killer crossovers and smooth skills. Get inspired by watching how superstar Steph Curry handles the rock.


Visitors experience walking through an arena tunnel from the locker room to the court and feel the excitement players feel as they listen to the Coach’s pre-game instructions. In the tunnel visitors will see larger-than-life graphics of players and coaches and view projected moving images of college fans, cheerleaders, bands, coaches and players.


Visitors compare their physical attributes to college players. They compare their shoe size and hand size, hold up their arms to measure their wingspan, and match their height against both tall and short players. Visitors can learn how the college players maximize their physical attributes, and overcome liabilities that present a challenge such as being a short player.


Epochs of the Game is a corridor of history, presenting in exhilarating, graphic detail, the history of the game’s creation and the progression of men’s collegiate basketball. Larger-than-life size graphics combine with eye-catching text to tell the exciting history from the 1890’s to the present.