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United States Military Academy
Clarkson University
member details year Class of 2006

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee 1960

Blood is known as the coach of the Passaic, NJ high school "Wonder Teams" where he coached his teams to an unbelievable 200-1 record. Passaic was undefeated for more then five seasons, the longest winning streak in the history of basketball. He led the team to 7 state championships. In 1924 he became the head coach for the Army Black Knights at West Point, and later coached at Clarkson University in rural New York. He spent the end of his career at St. Benedict's Prep in Neward, where he won five state championships before retiring in 1949.

Where They Are Now:
Died February 5, 1955

Where They Were:
United States Military Academy
Clarkson University