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"The Doctor"
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University of Wisconsin-Superior | 1913-1914
Saint Louis University | 1916-1916
University of Saint Thomas | 1918-1918
Allegheny College | 1919-1919
Valparaiso University | 1920-1921
University of Notre Dame | 1924-1943
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George "The Doctor" Keogan was considered to be a true innovator of the game. His teams at Notre Dame featured the shifting man-to-man defense and strong pivot play. In 20 seasons as coach of the Fighting Irish, Keogan never had a losing season. A student of strategy and technique, Keogan's success as Notre Dame's basketball coach rivaled that of the man who hired him for the job at Notre Dame, the legendary Fighting Irish football coach Knute Rockne. Keogan coached Notre Dame to the Helms Foundation National titles in 1927 and 1936. His record at Notre Dame was 327 wins and 96 losses, a.773 percentage. Keogan's overall collegiate record was 385- 117, and his percentage of.767 is seventh best of all time.

Where They Are Now

Died February 17, 1943