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Bradley University | 1919-1919
Ripon College | 1920-1922
Ohio State University | 1923-1946
Northwestern University | 1951-1952
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Harold G. Olsen's career included thirty years of leadership in basketball coaching and administration. He led Ripon College to three conference titles and led Ohio State to Big Ten Championship in 1925, 1933, 1939, 1944, and 1946. In 1937, Olsen helped initiate the 10-second rule. In 1939, he spearheaded efforts to create the NCAA national playoffs, which became "March Madness". Olsen served as President of the NABC, Chair of the NCAA Basketball Committee, and a member of the 1948 Olympic Committee. In 1947, Olsen coached the Chicago Stags to the first Basketball Association of America Finals.

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Died October 29, 1953