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Geneva University | 1929-1935
Yale University | 1936-1942
University of Denver | 1946-1946
La Salle University | 1950-1955
Texas A&M University | 1956-1957
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As a coach, Loeffler preached team play, loved to wear bow ties and quote poetry. In his 20 year career, he coached at Geneva College Yale, Denver University and Texas A&M. But, he reached his greatest success as a college coach at LaSalle. Running a Figure Eight offense, he guided LaSalle to six straight seasons of 20 or more wins. With All-American Tom Gola leading the charge, the LaSalle Explorers dominated college basketball from 1952-1955, grabbing the NIT title in 1952, and the NCAA Championship in 1954. Prior to coaching at LaSalle, Loeffler had success in the pro ranks leading the St. Louis Bombers of the Basketball Association of America's Western Division title in 1948. Coach Loeffler also wrote one of the most detailed books about the game, entitled Ken Loeffler on Basketball.

Where They Are Now

Died January 1, 1975