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Pacific Lutheran University | 1946-1958
Washington State University | 1959-1971
University of Washington | 1972-1985
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Harshman is highly-respected by players and coaches alike. His coaching career included 13 years at Pacific Lutheran, 13 years at Washington State and 14 years at the University of Washington. His teams were known for their class, dignity, and competitiveness. A teacher and master strategist, Harshman won over 600 games. He led the U.S. to a gold medal in the 1975 Pan-American Games. Harshman was named Seattle's 1975 Man-of-the-Year in sports. A seven-time NAIA District I Coach of the Year and Kodak's 1984 NCAA Division I Coach of the Year in 1984, Harshman served as NABC President in 1981.