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Marquette University | 1983-1986
Ball State University | 1987
University of Utah | 1989-2004
Saint Louis University | 2007-2012
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The late RICK MAJERUS won a total of 517 games at Marquette, Ball State, Utah and Saint Louis, and remarkably had just one losing season in 25 years as a head coach. The Al McGuire disciple reached the postseason 17 times, including 12 NCAA Tournament appearances. He won 10 conference titles in 13 years at Utah and took the Utes to Sweet 16s in 1991 and 1996 and the Elite Eight in 1997. Majerus’ most memorable season came in 1998 when he led Utah to 30 wins and an appearance in the national championship game. He earned five WAC Coach of the Year awards and was named the National Coach of the Year by Basketball Times in 1991.